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For decades now, the Dominican civil registry has set up insurmountable bureaucratic roadblocks to restrict people of Haitian ancestry the right to call themselves Dominicans. Department of Labor’s Office of Trade and Labor Affairs released a report showing evidence of worker exploitation on these profitable sugar plantations.(That’s regardless if they were born in the country, have no physical or emotional ties to Haiti, and don’t speak Creole or French.) Haitian migrant workers, classified as “in transit,” have been subjected to unconscionable treatment in the sugar plantations akin to slave labor. Labor law violations included appalling working conditions, grossly underpaid workers and child labor.

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The recent, reprehensible ruling 0168-13 of the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court—blocking citizenship for Haitian children born in D. to undocumented migrant Haitian workers dating as far back as 1929— is a xenophobic declaration that didn’t catch Haitians in the diaspora by surprise in the least.

Eighty-five percent of the new arrivals are from Haiti by way of Brazil, where many settled after Haiti's 2010 earthquake but whose construction jobs have disappeared now that the Rio Olympics are over and the country wallows in recession, Solis said on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly."The phenomenon has shifted quite significantly," Solis said.

His government has set up centres that offer the migrants basic shelter and food, before they take the day-long bus trip through Costa Rica to the Nicaraguan frontier.

Other critics and artists believe the term refers to the work’s purity, and not an indication of the artists’ lack of discipline or perspective.

These paintings brimming with soul have garnered worldwide attention and landed in art lovers’ collections.

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